Israel launches military drills at sea as Egypt-Gaza border tensions rise

Egypt and Israel are engaged in a tense standoff in the Suez Canal as tensions escalate over Egypt’s refusal to allow Israeli fishermen access to the sea.Israel began its drills on Saturday and Egypt’s military said the drills would be extended to include a naval exercise in the Mediterranean Sea.The Suez and Red Sea are […]

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How to Know If You’re Buying Trump’s Buying: The Facts

Factotum and Majordomo Venetian are a team of fact-checking and analysis journalists dedicated to uncovering the truth about the presidential election.As we’ve said many times before, facts matter.That’s why we do this at time, we’re revisiting a key fact that the Trump campaign has consistently touted: Trump purchased the most expensive television in history.The […]

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What if it wasn’t CSun Majordomo that was responsible for the deaths of three young people?

Gwent Majordom had a lot going for it.It was a small town with a relatively small population, and it was home to a few successful people.The majority of the residents were from the wealthy and prominent clans.And, of course, the young people of Gwent were all famous.So, in some ways, the town was very attractive […]

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How Google acquired a business and why the media is not covering it

Google acquired an Australian business that was being run as a charity and it was not disclosed to investors.The company, a media consulting firm called Media Matters, had a number of issues that were not well understood by investors.Google did not have an audited financial statement and it did not explain its financial position, including […]

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