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On Monday, the news that the BBC had acquired the rights to the Majordomo (the Roman Catholic Church’s secret police) became the subject of intense discussion among Vatican insiders.

According to the documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the BBC will broadcast “a programme on Vatican history, the relationship between the Vatican and the Nazis, and the Vatican’s relationship with the Nazis” as part of its forthcoming documentary series, The Vatican and Hitler.

The BBC has been given the rights for two years, and has already shown the series.

Although the BBC declined to comment on the matter, it did issue a statement on Monday, saying: “The BBC will not be revealing any of its material to anyone without permission.

It is important that this important work be available for everyone to see.”

It’s worth noting that the deal has been confirmed by the Pope himself, who is reportedly set to speak to the BBC about the subject, according to reports.

A BBC spokesperson declined to confirm or deny the news, saying only that the programme would be produced and that the Vatican had not been contacted about the project.

It is also worth noting the Vatican has not released any details about its planned docudrama, including the name of the show, its budget or even its content.

In recent weeks, it has also come under scrutiny over the handling of the leaked documents, with some critics saying it is not enough for the BBC to release the documents, but for the Vatican to release them themselves.

“They need to release it in full.

This is a matter of national interest, and they have the right to make the documentary,” the UK’s Guardian newspaper wrote.

We can expect a different answer from the BBC when the documents are published,” the paper added. More:

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