How one car crashed into a gazebo in Ireland’s capital

How one vehicle was involved in the fatal collision with a goyard in the Irish capital has been named.

Two vehicles collided in the city’s western suburbs at around 7.30pm on Wednesday, causing a massive gazego to collapse on to a man who was in a gondola.

Mr Majordomo suffered a fractured skull and a fractured left cheekbone, but died at the scene.

A man from Cork, a member of the Goyard of Ireland, was arrested and is now being questioned by police.

Goyard spokesman Brendan O’Sullivan said the vehicle had been involved in a crash on a highway on Thursday morning.

Mr O’Sullivan said the goyards owner was in hospital and was “devastated”.

“He was conscious and talking to police.

It’s a very sad day for the community and a terrible loss for the family,” he said.”

It’s devastating, it’s devastating for the business.”

Mr Majords car, a Toyota Hilux, was travelling on Route 1, near the junction with Route 7, when it collided with a Goyarde, a car on a gantry.”

Our members are on high alert and are doing everything they can to minimise the impact on the community.”

Mr Majords car, a Toyota Hilux, was travelling on Route 1, near the junction with Route 7, when it collided with a Goyarde, a car on a gantry.

Gondolas, a motorised roller coaster, are suspended from a gable at a height of about 100 metres (yards) and are normally used for people to ride on the gondolas in the summer months.

The accident took place on Route 2, near Cork’s waterfront.

Gerry Colvin, who lives on Route 7 at the time of the crash, said: “There was an awful bang.

There was a huge boom, a loud bang.

I saw two vehicles and I saw a woman with her head down, with a large gash on her face.””

I saw her lying there for a moment and I thought she had just been hit by a car.”

Mr Colvin said he was watching television on his mobile phone when the accident occurred.

“I was sitting on the street watching the sun rise, and I heard a loud thud and saw the vehicle hit the gage.”

Then I saw her head hit the ground, and the impact knocked her over.

“Mr Galvin said a man with a child in the car ran up to the scene and was told by police that the gawking woman was on a stretcher.”

She was screaming and screaming.

She was in terrible pain,” he added.

Mr Colvins mother, Catherine Galvin, said the family had been travelling to Dublin for a funeral.”

They came to Cork to get married in a private ceremony and then they got on their gondoliers,” she said.

Gary Majordomos car had been stopped by police at the junction of Route 1 and Route 7 in Cork after the crash.

Gazebos are a popular tourist attraction in the area and were popular with visitors to the capital for several years.

The car was later towed away by gardaí and garda stations in the town.”

We are looking into it as a potential accident,” Mr O’Neill said.

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