‘I am going to do everything I can to ensure that this game will go on’: Frazier Majordomo – email list

I am going, Frazer Majordom, to do all I can, for the best of the club and for the players, to ensure this game can go on, even if I am not the manager.

And the only thing that will be stopping me is the fact that the fans do not have confidence in the manager or in me.

That’s why I am prepared to do whatever it takes to get the team back in the Champions League.

That is why I’m prepared to take on the challenge of taking the squad to the next level and not give in to pressure from the club. 

And I’m also prepared to try to take the club to the top of the league in the coming months, just like the rest of the football world.

I am ready to do what it takes.

The pressure will not stop me.

The club is ready for this.

It’s a responsibility I take very seriously.

I understand that we have a difficult task ahead of us. 

The club needs to grow and improve.

We need to grow as a football club and as a team.

We must build a team that is able to compete at the highest level.

I’m sure this team can do that.

We can achieve what we have set out to achieve in this campaign, and I’m confident in the fact the fans will be excited about the team, which is a great honour for me. 

I’m ready to go out and achieve things, I’m ready for everything to go well, because this is my club.

That will make me even more determined to do it. 

For the first time, I will have the chance to start training with the team on Wednesday and then we will be in the club house for the first training session of the season on Monday, which means we will all be working in preparation for this first match of the year. 

When the match kicks off, I am convinced that this will be a wonderful opportunity for us to show that we can beat any team in the world. 

You can find all the news, scores and scores of the match here:  http://www.soccerut.it/soccer/socca/major_majardomo_mavilio_sistema_scorzato_frazier_mazza_m/148025

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