Why this year’s Majordomo has gone on hiatus

Majordomos first stop was the U.S. Supreme Court in late July, where the Court will hear arguments over the legality of California’s Proposition 8.

The case is also the most expensive in the history of the Supreme Court, with more than $5 billion in legal fees to date.

After that, it was off to the Supreme, where a handful of cases would take center stage before the court’s four liberals and four conservatives.

On the first day, the court agreed to hear a challenge to an Arizona law that requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

That ruling is expected to be the most important ruling of the year.

In June, the Supreme decided to hear the challenge to the constitutionality of a New York law requiring all health insurance plans to cover birth control and condoms.

That case will go before the high court soon.

And then in July, the justices will hear the case of a woman who says she was discriminated against by a private insurer for having an abortion after the fetus was severely deformed by her chronic pain.

That decision is expected soon.

The case of the California law that was overturned by the Supreme is expected shortly, too.

It’s expected that the justices, who have been in office for less than a year, will hear a case in the next couple of weeks on a challenge from the state of New Mexico to the state’s new “fetal pain” ban.

In the meantime, some women have been able to get an abortion without having to visit a clinic, a practice that was once widely accepted in California.

The Supreme Court last week upheld a lower court ruling that upheld the legality and regulation of abortion clinics in California and New Mexico.

A few weeks ago, the conservative justices upheld a decision that allowed Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. to continue providing its workers with birth control without providing coverage for the drugs.

The ruling also gave the companies a year to comply with a law mandating that the drugs must be prescribed for their approved use.

On Friday, the two sides announced a settlement that would require employers to cover contraception without a co-pay.

This is in line with a ruling by the Obama administration that last year also required employers to provide contraception without any co-payment.

In all, the four conservative justices are expected to rule on more than 60 cases in the coming months, including a case involving a woman in Ohio who says her employer’s refusal to cover contraceptives was discriminatory.

On Wednesday, the other three conservative justices ruled that a Texas law that required women to obtain a health plan that covers abortions violated the Equal Protection Clause of the U

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