How Disney’s Castle Majordomo became the most popular movie blog on the Internet

Castle Majoromo has always been an unofficial blog for Disney, but the company has decided to give it more of a platform with its latest movie-focused site, Castle Majo.

This year, the company is rolling out a series of “magazines” for subscribers to enjoy that are published in the same format as its other popular sites, including Disney Movies, Disney Music, Disney Family and Disney XD.

But instead of focusing on the content of the magazines themselves, Disney has been introducing new, branded content to the site, including some movies and shows that were previously only available on Disney’s own platforms.

For example, the new “Majordom: The Movie” feature film, which is now available for streaming on the site as a movie, will include new video interviews with celebrities and guests who have appeared in the films.

And as for the “Mojordom” features that will be available through the end of the year, those will be on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

Disney has also introduced an entirely new “Disney Family” section on the blog that offers new interviews with some of Disney’s most recognizable family members, as well as behind-the-scenes footage.

The Disney Family section is currently available for viewing on YouTube, and will be extended to other Disney-owned platforms soon, including Roku.

Disney Movies is still on the TV-by-proxy stage.

That site is a curated feed of Disney-related movies and TV shows available on YouTube for a monthly fee, which Disney says it hopes to eventually eliminate.

While Disney has said that it wants to eliminate the Netflix-style streaming experience from the new site, there are still plenty of ways to stream movies to the new home of the Disney family, like through a Roku streaming box.

That means that the new Disney Movies blog is still an invaluable resource for those interested in discovering new Disney movies.

As Disney gears up to launch its own online streaming service, the news site has yet to release a full list of its movies, but we will be sure to bring you any announcements that the company makes as it begins rolling out its streaming service.

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