Why Ubuntu Mail is a better email client than Gmail, Microsoft says

In the midst of the email wars that have erupted over Microsoft’s new email client, Majordomo, Microsoft announced that it had dropped support for Google’s Gmail, and that it will now use the Ubuntu software as its default email client.

This follows Google’s decision last week to remove Gmail from the Microsoft store, effectively making the two services the same.

In addition, Google’s Mail is now available for both desktop and mobile users.

Google is one of the largest email providers in the world, but its business model has been increasingly affected by the rise of mobile apps, including the Apple Mail and Google Drive.

Microsoft is not the only company to change its default emails app in recent months.

The new Mail app for Windows Phone has had the same change to its desktop version.

“The change in Google’s app is a very good sign for our platform and the fact that Microsoft has made a significant change to the default Gmail experience,” said Microsoft spokesperson Joe Belkin in a statement.

The news of the Microsoft-made change comes as Microsoft is also working on a new email app for Mac.

The company has previously said that it was working on an app for the iPhone and the iPad, but it has not said which of those platforms would be the next to be updated.

However, it has said that an iPhone and iPad app will be ready “soon.”

Read more about the email app wars here. 

Majordomos default email app While Google and Microsoft are making the move to switch to Ubuntu Mail, it’s also being looked at for the new default email application for Android devices.

Android’s default email apps have been available since Android 4.4 KitKat in June, and they were used by more than half of the Android devices on Google’s market in May.

This includes more than 1 billion devices running Android 4, or KitKat.

The default Gmail app, which was available on Android for more than a year before Google removed it in May, was not affected by Google’s move to remove it.

The move is expected to benefit users who have already switched from Gmail to the Google Drive app. 

“The news of Microsoft-based Gmail going away from the Windows Store is a good sign,” said Daniel Wiesner, a senior software engineer at Microsoft who works on the Windows platform.

“With more apps available on Google and the rise in mobile devices, Gmail is a great platform to target for Google Mail, and the move makes sense for both platforms.

Android users will find the move a good fit for Gmail, but Google Mail is the better email app and it’s easier to use for people who use Google services.” 

Maja, the new email reader Majoondomo has been in development for a while.

It’s an alternative to Gmail that can open email attachments as you read them.

This means that it’s less likely to be an annoyance for users.

However the developers said that its a “much simpler and more intuitive experience” than Gmail.

It also supports multiple file types and can open images and videos in a browser.

The developers said it is also much faster than Gmail’s native text editor, so it’s more efficient to use.

“This is the best email app I’ve ever used,” said Alex Chisholm, the developer of Majordomo.

“I use it everyday and I love it.

Majordomeo is so lightweight and easy to use, and you can easily read any email, even attachments that are encrypted.”

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