How to talk about the man who took down the KKK and saved the world

Butler and his friend Majordomo had already seen the video of the KKK members being beaten up by black men before they watched the video.

“I just felt like it was the right thing to do,” Butler told CNN.

“It was just so sad to see what was going on in that community, especially in a town like this.”

Butler was just 17 when he watched the tape.

He now believes the KKK is a racist hate group and the video’s message is dangerous.

“They are calling people niggers, they are calling black people nigger, they’re calling all blacks niggas,” Butler said.

“That’s why they’re out there in the hood, because that’s what they are.

They’re all criminals, all the black people.

That’s why it’s scary.”

Butlers parents say his family’s hatred for the KKK was rooted in racism and bigotry, and his own upbringing in poverty.

“When you’re raised in poverty, you’re not going to be so open about your hate for any race or anything,” Butler’s mother, Susan Butler, said.

“The racism and the bigotry of what they’re doing is just so much more extreme than the hate that you see in that video.”

But a video showing the Klan members being attacked was a catalyst for Butler to start a hate group, and now Butler is using the platform to fight for justice.

The video of Klan members beating up black men has gone viral and has been viewed over 2.4 million times.

But the family’s anti-racism movement is far from over.

“My kids know that what happened to my brother was wrong,” Butler, who now runs a business called The Butlers Shop, said about the video that went viral.

“They know it’s wrong.

They know that’s not OK.”

But Butler’s family says the video is an opportunity to educate their son and show them the truth.

“That video that was showing how these people are being treated, that video showed us that it’s a bad thing, that people are going to take it out on other people,” Butler Sr. said.

Butler and Majordoma say the Klan is a dangerous group and they hope to see it defeated.

“What we’re trying to do is make sure that we get to the point where there is not a continuation of the racist and hateful rhetoric that we see,” Butler Jr. said about his family.

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