How to watch a Champions League final in English on TV – a guide

It’s the finals of a Champions league final, but for the English audience it’s a chance to catch up with their favourite teams, including a chance for the world to watch the action live. 

Here’s everything you need to know to watch it on TV in English.

How much does it cost?

The tournament takes place on the banks of the River Dee in England’s English county of Buckinghamshire, with the games being broadcast live on Sky Sports. 

How does it work?

It’s not just the matches that will be on TV, but the highlights too, with highlights including highlights of the England v Wales clash, the Scotland v France game, and a replay of the Italy v Portugal game. 

The final will be broadcast live via Sky Sports on Sunday, September 23, but fans are also invited to tune into the live coverage from their smartphones and tablets. 

What does it include?

The Champions League is a prestigious competition which takes place every four years and is the flagship international competition of the FIFA World Cup. 

This year’s tournament will see England face off against Portugal and Italy, which are two teams from the European leagues, and the third-placed Netherlands and Germany. 

Will I be able to watch in English?


There will be a special section for English fans on the channel for the England-Portugal match. 

Can I watch in other countries?

You can watch the matches on Sky, BT Sport, S4C and other terrestrial channels, as well as on the BT Sport app. 

Are there other channels available in English in addition to Sky Sports?

There are a number of English channels available on Sky. 

Do I need a broadband connection?

The channels are available via Sky Sport 1, S3 and S4, and can be accessed through BT Sport and BT Sport Unlimited, and S3 is also available on the S4 network. 

Is there a catch-up option available?

Yes, with many of the channels being available in HD, including Premier League Extra, which is available on S4 and S5. 

Who is watching the final?

The English audience will be able watch the finals live from home. 

Should I bring my own laptop or tablet?


If I can’t get online, how can I watch the Champions League?

You’ll be able stream the games on the official English Premier League app.

What is the channel deal?

Sky Sports has partnered with BT Sport to stream the Premier League, as the channels are also available to watch on BT Sport. 

Does this mean you’ll be getting an upgrade on the price of your broadband?

Yes it does, and you’ll see the price drops on the new service. 

BT Sport is also offering a catch up service, with all of the Premier Leagues games available on a one-month trial for £1.99 per month. 

Am I able to sign up for the catch-ups?

Yes you can, with Sky Sports offering an offer of up to 10 catch-as-you-go packages. 

My broadband is too slow.

What do I do?

If your broadband is getting too slow, you can always download a free trial of the HD Premier League. 

Where is the TV channel in the UK?

The Channel Islands, which covers Wales, Northern Ireland and the rest of England, are on the Isle of Man, but you’ll need to visit one of the Channel Islands Islands to watch matches in England. 

You’ll also need to make sure you’re on the right speed if you’re using your mobile or tablet. 

Sky Sports in the Channel Isles is available in the following areas:The Channel Isles will be broadcasting the Champions league from Monday to Friday, and there will also be the Champions match on Saturday and Sunday. 

Have any other English channels been used to stream Champions League matches?

There have been several English channels that have been used in this way. 

It’s important to note, however, that these channels are usually in English and they’re not HD or SD channels. 

Did you see a Premier League match in English before?

Yes the Premier league has a number. 

I can’t watch the Premier Ligue 1, but can I see it live in English with my mobile?

Yes there will be HD channels available across the channel islands, including Ligue One, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 2. 

Why are the Premier games on Sky?

Sky has partnered up with BT to offer HD Premier league matches for all Premier League games, including the FA Cup, League Cup, Europa League, Capital One Cup, Scottish Cup and League Cup.

Why is the Premierleague so important?

The Premier League is the second-most watched sport in the country after football. 

Its importance is because it’s the top of the table in terms of TV ratings, and because it is one of Europe’s top leagues. So how

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