What’s next for Ragnaros 2? | What’s the deal with Major Cool?

The second season of Ragnaros is finally here, and the new season is set to arrive next month.

It’ll feature a lot of the same cast as the first season, and will also feature a slew of brand-new characters.

The series is still in its early stages, so we can’t give too much away yet, but we do know that some of the characters and storylines will be familiar to the first and second seasons.

In fact, one character who has appeared in both seasons is the king, Ragnaros.

Ragnaros has been in charge of the city of God, and he and his people are living in a constant state of conflict.

But Ragnaros says that it is time for his people to go on a quest to rebuild their lost kingdom.

So far, Ragnaross is just a king, and his reign is in danger.

But there is hope in his kingdom, as he will have a second chance at rebuilding the city.

Ragnaross has a new enemy, a man named Major Cool.

Major Cool wants Ragnaros to take the throne, so he plans to steal the throne and make Ragnaros the king.

But when Major Cool steals Ragnaros’ throne, he takes away all the powers that Ragnaros previously had.

In the past, Major Cool has taken Ragnaros’s life force, and now he wants to use it to create a new world, one where humans and animals live together.

Will Ragnaros get a chance to save his kingdom before he is taken away?

Find out when Ragnaros returns to Netflix on March 3.

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