Why are you so afraid of the police?

With a record of more than 150 arrests, Majordomo is now the third most active police force in New South Wales.

But for the first time, the Victorian force has announced it will be ending its crackdown on street vendors.

“It’s not about me personally, it’s about the future of New South Welsh society and the future, it is about our future,” Ms Sibbick said.

Police will no longer target street vendors and instead focus on criminal syndicates and the broader criminal underworld, she said.

Ms Sibbsons boss said the plan was about giving officers greater control over the public realm.

“I don’t believe that it’s necessary to police people who are walking around the street or just people who might be selling goods or services, I don’t think it’s a necessary step in the right direction,” she said .

“We are not in a war on crime, we’re not in an all-out war on drugs, we are not targeting criminals or the people who sell drugs, but we are focusing on those people and those individuals who are engaging in criminal activity.”

Police said they were not targeting anyone for arrest, but were using their discretion to arrest street vendors who were in breach of a police injunction or the New South Wines Association’s anti-prohibition order.

Ms Siburick said police would continue to target street dealers, even if the crackdown was ending.

She said the focus on street vending was not just about keeping people out of trouble, but about making New SouthWales safer for all.

“We’ve made it very clear to our customers, if they come into a store they should be safe, they shouldn’t be subject to the police, and the police have a duty to enforce their laws,” she added.

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