How to Make a Video About Obama: You can’t be a better American than your boss

You can do a lot to change the narrative.

That’s the takeaway from a new video produced by a political consulting firm called Majordomo that was released on Friday.

The video aims to debunk the narrative that President Donald Trump has been a terrible president.

“You can’t do a better job than your president, and you can’t pretend that you’re not the president,” the narrator says.

“Because that’s what your job is.

It’s to make the world a better place.”

The video is a parody of the White House press briefing, which is usually the president’s first public appearance.

The White House declined to comment on the video, and a White House spokesperson referred all questions to the White Houses Office of Public Liaison.

The campaign also posted the video to YouTube.

It was created by the firm of Jeff Zients, a longtime political operative who also created the viral video The White Elephant.

In that video, Zients says, “I’m not a conspiracy theorist.”

Instead, he says, he is a journalist.

“I like to break things down into pieces, because I think people are stupid and stupid people tend to get caught up in conspiracies,” Zients said in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

“So I’m a journalist.”

Majordomo has produced several videos about the president.

One video was titled The White Palace, which was about the building where President Ronald Reagan served as first lady.

Another video, titled The President’s Body Count, was about his death in office.

In another video, called How To Make a Movie About Trump, Majordo says that if the president is elected, the president will be impeached.

That would mean that he could be charged with obstruction of justice, which could lead to his removal from office.

Trump has faced mounting pressure over his ties to Russia, which he says are politically motivated.

He has denied wrongdoing.

But critics, including members of Congress, have questioned whether the president committed any crimes by his actions.

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