How to read the new edition of ‘The Washington Post’

“What I do believe is that the news media should be independent, and it’s important that the media is not beholden to any single organization,” said Mr. Obama.

“And we have a duty to be as independent as possible.

And if we want to have an effective democracy, then we have to be able to say, ‘You can’t run a newspaper in this country that’s part of this system, because that is part of a rigged system.'”

Mr. Obama’s statement came during a discussion with reporters and editors at a news conference in Washington.

He said the administration was working on a plan to address the need for journalists to be more independent, as well as the need to make it easier for journalists and other media outlets to get government contracts.

The White House announced the hiring of new Chief of Staff John Kelly, a former Marine Corps general, as the new president’s chief of staff in May.

It also announced the appointment of James Mattis, a retired Marine general, to be secretary of defense.

Mr. Kelly was a retired four-star general who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Mattis was a former commander of U.S. Central Command and NATO military operations.

Both Mr. Kelly and Mr. Trump have expressed skepticism about media freedom.

Mr Trump has previously said he has “zero tolerance” for what he calls the “fake news” that has permeated American life since his election.

Mr Trump, a Republican, has taken a tougher line on media coverage during his first months in office.

He has taken the position that the press should be protected from interference, even if the news outlets that report on it are not.

During the campaign, Mr. Duterte said he would take the United States to court if it tried to interfere in the press.

The Philippine leader said he is a media freedom champion, and said that if he was elected president, he would make it illegal for the United Nations to try to hold journalists accountable for the actions of their news organizations.

“I’m going to have no respect for news organizations and if I win, I’m going for a whole new level of press freedom,” Mr. De Lima said in a June interview with the CNN Philippines news channel.

Mr Kelly is the son of retired Gen. John Kelly and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

He served in the U.N. during the George W. Bush administration.

During his time in the Marines, Mr Kelly was awarded the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts for his service.

In 2007, he was awarded a Purple Heart for saving his comrades from being shot in the leg while serving with the Marine Corps.

Mr De Lima also said he hoped Mr. Rumsfield would be president.

“I’m a huge fan of General Rumsfords tenure,” Mr De Lima told CNN Philippines.

“He’s one of my heroes.”

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