WATCH: Majordomo on its way to Italy and beyond: It’s going big in the US

Le Majordome, the world’s most watched live sports show, has landed in Italy and is planning to begin shooting in New York and Los Angeles over the next few weeks, its production team announced Monday.

The show is currently in the final stages of production in Italy, and it will be the first Italian-language production to hit the airwaves in the United States.

“Majordomo” stars Tom Hanks as an eccentric former NFL player who is suddenly thrust into the spotlight after his family’s fortunes are turned around.

“The whole world is watching Majordom,” said director Peter Gerel, who also produced the series for NBCUniversal and will oversee the U.S. broadcast.

“This is an opportunity to show Majordoma to the world and tell its story.”

Gerell said he wanted to make Majordomic “a show that resonates and feels relevant to the times.”

The show will also be streamed worldwide and can be viewed on Google Play.

It is being produced by producer Peter Geren, a longtime friend of Gereli’s.

“I think this is a great opportunity for Majordomi to continue to tell its stories and its story will be told with new faces and new perspectives,” Geren said.

“It’s about the newness of this place, the new things you can do and do things you didn’t even know you could do, and that’s what makes Majordoman so special.”

Majordoms popularity is based on its combination of irreverent humor and gritty storytelling.

“Its the ultimate underdog story, it’s the underdog story that nobody else wants to hear, and its a story about people getting through tough times, and doing the best they can,” Gerelfeld said.

The series is available on Google Video, and the production team will be releasing Majordomes trailer on Google’s Play video service next week.

“For me, Majordomen is the ultimate story of perseverance, of people making it through,” GEREl said.

He added that his team is in talks with other content creators to produce a new show for Majotom.

“We’ve got so much potential,” he said.

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