Donald Trump Jr. claims his brother was an ‘insider’ at the DNC: Report

Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump, has accused his brother-in-law of being an “insider” at the Democratic National Committee.

The president’s son tweeted a series of posts late on Saturday night in which he claimed his brother’s name had appeared on the Democratic party website.

“If true, my brother would be an insider and someone I would respect and trust,” he wrote.

“He’s a good man, he’s a great father, he has a good heart, he is a very decent person.

But, he was not on the DNC.

I can tell you for a fact.

I am sure my brother did not sign up to do that.”

The President’s eldest brother, who is currently the CEO of his father’s real estate empire, also retweeted Mr Trump Jr’s posts, saying “just because my brother doesn’t sign up does not mean he’s not there.”

Mr Trump has previously denied having a role in the DNC’s election operations.

On Saturday night, Mr Trump tweeted a video of himself at a rally in Alabama where he promised to take the issue “to the bank”.

“This is going to be a big one, and we’re going to win this one,” Mr Trump said.

“I’m going to take it to the bank.

It’s not going to end well, but I promise you, I’m going down to the banks and taking it to them, because I promise it will be a lot bigger than it looks.”

In the video, Mr Trumps younger brother, Jason Lemire, also appears.

“This was an insider who did a great job,” he said, adding: “They don’t like me, they don’t want me, but they’re going after me because they know I’m right there.”

Trump’s son was also a co-chairman of the Trump campaign in 2016.

He is the only member of the President’s immediate family who was on the campaign’s payroll.

In March, the President released his first budget outline, which was criticised by Democrats for not providing a tax cut.

He also proposed slashing the number of federal employees from over 500,000 to about 300,000.

“We’re going back to being a small government country, a smaller government country,” Mr Lemire said.

Mr Trump did not comment on whether he had any role in his brothers involvement in the campaign.

In the interview with ABC’s Lateline, Mr Leema said his brother did indeed sign up for the DNC, but did not do so with the knowledge of the party.

“That’s not something I would have ever done.

I never would have given my name to that,” he told host Alan Jones.

“But I know that he was there and I know he was an intern.

That was his job.” ABC/wires

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