What happens when the first Ssam Majordomo shows up on stage?

Bo Ssam, the Ssam majordsome, is finally on the UK stage with a concert on July 16.

They’ve been working on their first performance in over a year, but it will be the first time that anyone has ever seen them live.

And now they’re ready to show the world how it’s done.

Ssam is one of the biggest underground acts in the UK.

In their last three shows, they’ve performed with The Bends, The National, The Who, and Lady Gaga.

They’re one of many bands that have found a place in the music scene thanks to the internet, but their debut album, The Ssam Jammer, came out in 2014, and the album’s singles, “The World Is Yours” and “Crying,” have been trending on Twitter for weeks.

Samsom’s music is so diverse that they’ve been able to draw from all different genres.

The songs they’ve released thus far are mostly electronic, but there’s also a lot of funk, rock, and even hip-hop, as well as pop-punk.

The group’s been working with British producers and is planning on releasing a full-length album of their own in 2018.

SSam Majordom has been making music since 2004.

Bo Samsam’s group has been one of a handful of British bands that can be heard in pop, rock and electronic genres, and they’ve never shied away from performing live.

“I always wanted to be a part of something big,” Samsoms frontman Saehyun says.

“If I’m going to be the biggest, most important artist in the world, I want to be one of those guys.”

The band is very much an extension of Ssam’s personality.

“The Ssam family is my brother and sister,” Sammom’s brother, Joo Seung, says.

He has the same name as his brother, but he has a different accent and a different stage name.

“It was a tough decision to change my name,” Joo says.

However, Samsomes younger brother and bandmate, Lee Sang-young, has decided to stick with his Ssam name, because he loves performing live as well.

“My parents are both singers, so I have the ability to act,” Lee says.

The band has already started planning for the upcoming show, and Samsomm is excited about their upcoming debut.

“We’re going to show our best performances and show the best we can,” Somsom says.

Their first concert will be at the Royal Albert Hall on July 8.

BoSamsam will play the whole thing, but they’re also working on a couple of other shows at venues around London, including a performance at The Brixton Academy on July 15.

You can follow Bo Somsam’s tour through the following links: Twitter Facebook Google+ YouTube

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