How to make the ultimate dessert menu: The best desserts from around the world

A few years ago, the chef behind the famous dessert menu at Majordomo Bing in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood decided he was going to make a menu that would go with the chef’s favorite food, the bing bing.

He had no idea how to do it, and in the process, he became known as the king of desserts.

“He is the master of desserts,” said Steve Stansfield, who opened Majordomos Bing with his wife, Linda, in 2014.

“I don’t think there is anyone in the world who does desserts like him.”

Stansfields said he and Linda cooked at least 80 different desserts a day for five years, from the classic bing-bong, the fried doughnut-filled waffle cake, to a dessert called a mandolin cake, in which the batter is topped with vanilla ice cream.

They had a lot of success with it.

Stansfeld said Majordos Bings dessert menu has now been passed down to his family for generations, and his father and grandfather both created dessert menus for the family, which he calls the “big two.”

“My father-in-law made the mandolin dessert, and my grandfather-inlaw made a bing cake, and all of us made dessert,” he said.

“They are all so incredible.”

Stansfield said his family was very protective of the recipes they created.

They also gave each other a hard time about the recipe, he said, and made sure that they didn’t mix it up.

“We did not mix it, because we had to cook with a certain amount of sugar,” he recalled.

“But you just get used to it.”

Stanios said his grandparents gave him the recipes, but they also made sure to be very careful about what they were making, so that he was not going to miss out on a good recipe.

“I’m really proud of that,” he told ABC News.

“That’s how I learned how to cook.”

Stanfield said he loved cooking for his family, but he also felt that he had to do more for the sake of the food and the community.

“My grandma made us a bong bing, and I made the bong-bongs,” he explained.

“She made us the mandolins and the mandarins and I used to make ice cream, too.

It’s a really big part of the family.”

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