How to pronounce the word majordomos name

The word majordsomo, pronounced as it sounds, means “master”, but in English it is a derogatory term for a black man.

So when it came to pronouncing the name of a doctor in the United States, the word was going to be hard.

The Associated Press has a good primer on the word’s history.

It was first used by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in an article published in the June 1969 issue of Harper’s magazine.

The term was coined by Drs.

George C. Scott and William S. Fessenden, a physician-scientist who also were black.

The word is not widely known today.

The Oxford English Dictionary lists it in the first century as a word that is derived from Latin majordo, meaning “black”, and also refers to the “black community”.

It is also not widely used today as a name for a person, but is used by other professions, including lawyers and doctors.

According to Wikipedia, the Oxford English dictionary defines majordome as:”A person of African descent, often of an African ancestry, who has acquired a black skin colour and is regarded as a member of a minority group.”

Dr. Martin L. King, the son of Dr. King Jr., and Dr. William S Fessen, both black physicians.

Source: Associated Press/ReutersDr.

Fessaen is the only doctor of his race in the world to receive the Nobel Prize for medicine.

His father died in 1969 and his mother died in 1974.

Dr. Fressen was the first black doctor to receive a Nobel Prize.

Dr. King’s name is also on the Nobel Peace Prize.

He was awarded the Nobel Medal for his contributions to medicine.

Dr Martin Luther Martin, a member and former leader of the Nation of Islam, speaks during a protest march against racial injustice and discrimination in the U.S. on Sept. 21, 2017, in Los Angeles, California.

President Donald Trump has said he will revoke Martin Luther’s Nobel Peace Award, and some in the White House have called for his assassination.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)The Associated English Dictionary defines majordsomos first recorded usage in the 1790s as follows:”Black or African American, a person of a certain race, colour or descent.”

Dr Martin Martin, Dr. L.L. King and Dr William S Scott.

Source, via Wikipedia.

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