“Majordom” by Majordomo Gaines (Amazon.com) title Majordom: How to Lose a Fight and Win a World

The last few weeks have been a bit of a nightmare for Majordome Gaines.

A few weeks ago, he was sued by two women, one of whom filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging that she was fired because she had worked in the same department as the former boss.

(Gaines did not respond to an email seeking comment from The Daily Beast.

He also did not answer a phone call seeking comment.)

Then, on Sunday, Gaines was sued again by a woman, this time for $15 million.

In a statement on Monday, Gainees lawyers told The Daily Book that the suit had nothing to do with his work in the Majordomic femme department.

“We’re not taking the lawsuit any further,” the statement said.

“This is not a discrimination suit.

We’re simply trying to hold the company accountable for their conduct.”

According to the suit, the two women in the case had worked together for four years, and they met Gaines at the company’s offices after a friend introduced them.

They had never met before, but the two had been dating for a few months.

“Gainese, the former head of the Majords femme division, was an employee of the company,” the complaint states.

“He had previously worked with [the women] in the femme program, but not for the past four years.

The two [women] were friends with Gaines and his wife, and he was the boss of their department.”

The lawsuit also says that Gaines had a history of harassing female employees.

According to a lawsuit filed by one of the women in this case, GainES “would engage in sexual harassment, making lewd comments, and generally treating [them] in a degrading manner.”

“He also made sexist remarks and comments about the female employees in the office,” the lawsuit alleges.

“The female employees who worked in his department did not tolerate or want to hear his comments.

One female employee complained that Gainese told her to keep her mouth shut.”

A second woman who worked for Gaines said she was a senior manager at the department and that the harassment began at the beginning of 2015.

“When I started, he would start talking to the women about their jobs,” she said.

The lawsuit states that GainES would “be loud and obnoxious to the female female employees,” and that “he would also comment on their looks, body hair, and personal appearance.”

Another female employee said that GainEs “repeatedly made sexual comments about women’s breasts and breasts” and that she did not want to work in his office.

In response to the allegations in the lawsuit, the Majormom organization sent a letter to the company Tuesday, saying that it was “working to identify and respond to any concerns you may have regarding the conduct of its employees in our department.”

According the letter, Gainys “continues to serve as a manager of the department as part of his current position.”

“As part of our ongoing investigation, we have reviewed our internal and external policies and procedures, including the employment discrimination provisions of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, and are currently reviewing the employment practices of our employees,” the letter continued.

“Mazda will be addressing the allegations of this matter in the course of this investigation, and any appropriate discipline will be provided accordingly.”

In an email to The Daily Post, a Mazda spokesperson told The Beast that the company has a “zero-tolerance policy for workplace harassment.”

“Matsubishi is a leader in advanced technology and our customers trust us with their information and safety, and we are committed to ensuring the safety and security of our customers,” the spokesperson said.

When asked by The Daily News why Gaines’ behavior was not investigated more thoroughly by the company, the spokesperson wrote, “Our employees are accountable to us for our conduct and we will conduct our investigation independently.”

Gaines did, however, acknowledge that his actions could have contributed to the alleged harassment.

“I would have done things differently, and I’m trying to learn from it,” he said.

He continued: “I want to learn as much as I can from it, so I’m not a bad person.

It’s not my fault.

I have to be accountable for it.”

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