What if it wasn’t CSun Majordomo that was responsible for the deaths of three young people?

Gwent Majordom had a lot going for it.

It was a small town with a relatively small population, and it was home to a few successful people.

The majority of the residents were from the wealthy and prominent clans.

And, of course, the young people of Gwent were all famous.

So, in some ways, the town was very attractive to young people, as they had a better life.

The local media picked up on the story.

The local paper ran a front page story titled, “Gwent Majordsom: What if the deaths were caused by the deaths that are attributed to a small local business?”

The headline on the front page read: “Guns and murder.”

Gwent’s chief coroner, Mr Michael Tinsley, made a comment about the incident that made many people’s jaws drop.

He said, “I have to say that it is very difficult to say definitively what happened.”

Mr Tinsling said that a number of things could have caused the deaths, but the most likely reason was the deaths in the first place.

The inquest was held in December 2016 and concluded that “there was no evidence of a deliberate act of violence or of murder”.

It also concluded that there was no “fault on the part of the offender” and that there were “no grounds for concluding that there has been a cover-up of the circumstances of the deaths”.

However, it did make some very interesting observations about how the police had handled the case.

It was said that the police and the coroner’s office had an unusual way of looking at the case, where they would go through a “detailed report” of what had happened.

“It would go into the background and say, ‘Oh, this was a very bad incident,’ ” Mr Tinesley said.

“And it would not say anything to the effect that it wasn [sic] the fault of the victim.”

This made the police reluctant to pursue a prosecution.

In the first inquest, there was evidence that the victim was “unwilling to go to the police”, and that the accused was “not particularly well-connected”.

There was also a problem of the evidence being so unreliable, and some of the cases in the report were “so complex” that it was impossible to establish whether the “wrong” people had been involved in the crime.

“What happened to the victim?

Was it a woman or a man?

Was he killed by a dog?”

Mr Tillsley said, according to the BBC.

This is not the first time the police in Gwent have had to face up to the fact that they were investigating a death.

In 2015, a report was published by the Gwent Independent Police Complaints Commission which found that Gwent Police did not take a thorough approach to investigating the death of a young man, who had been killed by an unknown person.

Mr Tinsler said that this time, it was because the police were not “well-placed” to conduct an investigation.

“There was a lot of things that were missing in the investigation,” he said.

“You would have had a full investigation and you would have got some of these things to answer to, but they were not there, so it was very difficult for us to have the confidence to make the case against the person.”

It was not an easy case.

“But the inquest has found that “the lack of adequate training” in Gwenwynn Garda station, as well as “inadequate oversight of the force” meant that it took “a very long time” for the Garda to be able to carry out its own investigation.

The Garda said that it had also launched a criminal investigation into the death, but that this was still ongoing.

It also said that while there had been some improvements, there still remained a number issues that needed to be addressed.

In a statement to the ABC, Mr Toutsley said that there had also been a “huge number of lessons learned”.

He said that Gwynwynn garda station had made some improvements since the inquest and that he would be talking to the Gardai about the new recommendations that were being made.”

What has been clear to us is that we have to change the culture,” he added.”

We need to change it so that when we see something like this, it does not happen again.

It needs to be stopped.

“He said that he was also very keen to hear from the victim’s family, and that it would be very helpful if anyone could give the Gardan the names of any witnesses who might be able do anything to help.”

My heart goes out to them and to anyone who was in their shoes,” Mr Tinasley said of the family.”

They were absolutely devastated.


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