How to pronounce ‘majortome’

A translation service, Majortome, has provided a nice overview of the various words used in this term.

As usual, this is based on the official English translation of the Japanese word, but it does not take into account the many meanings of the word, and it is recommended that you read the article in its entirety.

It may not be perfect, but you can try to make an educated guess.


Majordomo (a military band) The term means “military band” in Japanese.

The word is a combination of two words meaning “barn”, which was used to refer to the home of soldiers.

 Majordomos were called  “major” and “jōmori” and were often called “barmy” or “soldiers”.

 The word has been used to mean military band in English for centuries, with a few variations.

In Japanese,  the word is usually spelled  majori. 

The  official Japanese version is written  with the kanji characters 先 (majō) and 〝 (maji) for  warriors and  jōnori.

2. Mojordome This term refers to a type of military band, often called a majordomo.


Magistrada The name of the military band.


Marina The nickname given to the island in the north of Italy, located in the Mediterranean Sea.


Marina marina This is the name given to Marina marinas in the Spanish language.

6.Marinella This refers to the naval ship in the Italian Navy that is based at the port of Tuscany.


Marini This phrase means “a ship which is sailing”.


Mondos These were the ships that accompanied the military bands on the battlefield.


Mondo The Italian word for “army”.


Nacional This word is used to denote a city or town in Italy, sometimes shortened to “nacional”. 11.

Nagano This means “to have” or to be in the habit of. 12.

Nadino This would mean “a river”.


Nino The phrase is also used in the United States to refer either to the US or to the state of New York.


Nocchio This Italian word is the word for the city of Rome, or Naples, the capital city of the region of southern Italy.

15.Norendino An Italian word meaning “a village”.


Nordino In Italian, this would mean “a small village”.

The term can also be used to describe the population of a city.


Nurie This French word means “love”.


Nuovo This translates as “to give”. 19.

Piazza This was a place in the old city of Florence, which was located on the shores of Lake Como.

It was the scene of many famous sporting events.


Porta This could be the name of a boat or a ship.


Porto This English word means to “set sail”.


Portuguese This Portuguese word means the Spanish name for Italy, “Portugal”.


Portudio This Greek word means sea.


Renaissance The Renaissance period in European history from the 15th century to the 19th century, encompassing the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Reformation.


Rico This meaning “the city”.


Rome  This refers to one of the major cities in Italy.

Rome is located in northern Italy and has a population of approximately 30 million.


Salerno This name is the Italian word  for the city in Naples.


Roma This title refers to Rome, the city, or the city area.


Rio The Spanish term for Rome, Rome, refers to an ancient town in the region near Naples.

In Italy, it is known as Campania.


Rosa This may be the English or French term for the English word for a city, “to set sail”.

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