Which major American cities are the safest in America?

New York City has a reputation as a tough, violent, and dangerous city, but a new survey finds that residents in the Big Apple are far less likely to be seriously injured or killed by the city’s police force.

According to a survey conducted by the Center for Urban Research and the New York Police Department, New Yorkers who live in the city are no more likely to report being killed by police officers than residents of other major U.S. cities.

According a press release by the New Yorkers for Safety Coalition, the survey found that of 1,100 respondents, only 39 percent reported being seriously injured by the police during the last two years.

Only 35 percent of New Yorkers reported being killed.

The survey was conducted by a group of law enforcement officers in partnership with the New Orleans Police Department.

The group asked residents whether they had been shot by police or killed.

Only 18 percent of the respondents said they had suffered serious injuries, compared to 46 percent of residents in other major cities.

The poll also found that more than 70 percent of respondents reported that the police department had been helpful to them during the past year, compared with less than 40 percent in other cities.

Of the respondents, 75 percent reported that they had witnessed someone being arrested, and 72 percent said they were told by police to stop resisting arrest.

Only 6 percent said that they were never threatened by police, and 8 percent said police had threatened to use a deadly weapon.

Only 13 percent said their home had been broken into, compared by 24 percent in New York and 29 percent in Los Angeles.

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